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December 25, 2021

When it comes to searching for remote work, most people go to a freelancing website or remote work job board. You're probably familiar with some of the big names like We Work Remotely and Upwork, but what about when you're looking for newer websites or ones that cater to a specific niche? Finding the best freelance website depends on your needs and skills.

In today's world of digital nomads, freelancers have so many more options than just these general interest websites. This list of the best websites for freelancers seeking remote work distinguishes between mainstream companies and websites for specific industries, and features some interesting newcomers looking to change the way we freelancers find work.

Best mainstream websites for freelancers


Upwork, formerly known as Odesk, is the website most people think of first when looking for freelance work online. With over 3 million jobs posted each year, it's easy to see why this is one of the most popular websites for freelancers. At Upwork, you can bid on freelance jobs ranging from editing novels to managing entire social media departments for businesses. Upwork collects a commission for each employment and helps with payment processing. You can opt for the free version, which limits the number of bids per month, or sign up for one of the paid plans if you want unlimited bids.


Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers where you can offer your services in everything from graphic design to music and audio to programming and engineering. Most jobs start out lower-paying than other sites until you build up a client base and references. The site even gets its name from a number of freelance jobs offered for as little as 5 $ each. It can be an easy way to get started and build your portfolio, and you can make more money if you offer service packages. Potential clients can view your past work and reviews from previous clients - so if you do a good job, you can easily build a larger client base.


Similar to Upwork, Guru uses a bidding service to match potential freelancers with employers around the world. Guru also takes a commission, but it can vary from 4.95% to 8.95% depending on your membership status. With over 250,000,000 jobs paid to freelancers, there are plenty of jobs on the site to get you started in remote work. The best thing about Guru is that you can decide how you want to get paid: You can request payment based on reaching pre-set milestones, per hour, and even per task.


Flexjobs is a website that collects freelance listings from multiple companies and boasts of offering only hand-vetted jobs. Thanks to this vetting process, you don't have to worry about scams or low-paying jobs, as is the case with other freelancing websites. On this website you will find listings for everything from SEO specialists to freelance developers and government contractors.

Unlike most other websites, Flexjobs does not have a free membership option. You might be a little hesitant to pay for it just to browse through the job ads, but the upside is that you'll see higher quality jobs and have less competition. You can still view the job ads for free to get an idea of whether the site meets your needs. If you choose to become a member, prices range from 5 $ per month to 15 $ per month.


Similar to Fiverr, PeoplePerHour is a freelance marketplace where you can offer your skills and services to potential clients at the price you choose. There are opportunities here for every level of employment, from beginner to advanced to expert. There is even a section known as Hourlies, where you can offer service packages at a higher price than you would normally get on Fiverr.


On iFreelance, you pay a monthly fee to create a profile and bid on projects from potential clients. With job categories like accounting, management consulting, and marketing, there are a variety of industries and

freelance jobs that will keep you busy. Since iFreelance isn't as cult-like as some other sites, there is less competition, making this an ideal entry-level freelance portal.

Best new websites for freelancers

Work Market

Work Market is an up-and-coming website for freelancers that even has a mobile app - something most other websites don't have. You can easily search for freelance quotes and even process payments for completed projects through the app. Work Market also guarantees payment for freelancers, so you don't have to worry about a client skipping out on payment. Work Market's work clouds, which are used by large companies like Walgreens, are great for connecting freelancers with well-paying jobs and long-term work.


Similar to LinkedIn, Coworks has recruiters who actively work to match freelancers with potential jobs and clients. You can create an online portfolio that can be private or public so other recruiters can find you. This site takes a new approach to freelance placement by matching talent with employers, rather than just serving as an online job board. If you need a little extra help finding a freelance job, this site is a good resource.


You may have noticed that many of these freelance websites charge a commission if you get a work contract. The great thing about LocalSolo is that it is funded by fees charged to employers, not job seekers. With this site, you can set your own fees and keep every penny. The catch is that you have to submit an application and be accepted in order to keep your entire fee. The idea is that employers pay for curated talent, not just for searching a marketplace.

You can find jobs on LocalSolo in three different ways. Potential clients can contact you directly if they find your portfolio interesting, you can bid on jobs posted daily, and LocalSolo recruiters can also contact you for potential jobs. LocalSolo is also different from these other sites in that you can contact other freelancers on the site and team up to bid on a project together, making the site a collaborative marketplace.


To find jobs through Konsus, you must undergo a selection process before you are allowed to bid on projects. Konsus focuses on providing continuous work opportunities so you don't have to keep looking for new assignments once a job ends. One of the biggest complaints from freelancers is that work is often sporadic, so this site can be an ideal solution if you can commit to it. One thing to note is that Konsus offers fixed hourly rates that cannot be negotiated, which may not be ideal depending on your skills and salary expectations.

Working Not Working

This website is used by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Google, Apple, Facebook, and Airbnb, and offers freelance jobs with some of the most sought-after companies. To use this site, you must be one of the best, as only the top 10% of applicants get a job. All applicants are "obsessively curated" and the site is highly selective, so this is an ideal platform for experts and professionals. Most job openings are in advertising, design, engineering, production and animation.


This website is the perfect resource for those who want to "work remotely and travel the world," as the company's mission states. Whether you're looking for an online English teaching position or want to advance your career in management, the site has something for everyone, from entry-level positions to remote VPs. Sort by keyword, region, and job category to find the perfect job for you.

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