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April 04, 2021

Recently we got to know Bundig a local and independent news portal based in Switzerland.

What we love about them is their unconventional approach to talking about everyday events while promoting positivism instead of focusing on negativism. We invite you to learn more about them!

1) What is flush?

Flush(https://bündig.ch)st a small, but fine online magazine, which is financially and spiritually independent. We aim to bring regional and international news and stories to the point. In doing so, we are oriented towards the readership and therefore try to present, for example, innovative and unique Swiss companies in particular. The aim of bündig is to promote dialogue and offer readers a broader perspective.

2) Who are the people behind bündig?

The bündig team is made up of young, committed and independent journalists and editors. With different professional as well as cultural backgrounds, we thus combine diverse interests and skills into one big whole. This ensures the diversity of different perspectives.

3) How did flush come into being?

The news today is full of negativity, conflict situations, power games, destruction and hate. We try to show another side of life in addition to this everyday news. In addition to innovative inventions and developments in research and society, our writers report on people who are making a difference in this world with their lives and work. In doing so, we try to focus on the positive and hopeful things in life.

4) What aspect of your work inspires you the most?

As we write and research, our horizons and level of knowledge are constantly expanding. We enthusiastically share our newly acquired knowledge with our readership. Through interviews with various people, the Bündig team repeatedly becomes aware of the undisguised reality of certain conditions in this world. It is therefore inspiring to learn first-hand how a wide variety of people are working to change these things.

5) Which aspect is the most challenging?

Bündig is still very young and the readership is small. It is therefore challenging to make the platform more known and to increase the readership.

6) Is there a way people can get involved and support your mission?

We at bündig are looking for motivated authors and exciting stories. Are you interested and do you want to improve your portfolio or just gain journalistic experience? Have you done something special in your life or do you know someone who has? Then you are atflush.chis the right place for you. Write to us if you have further questions or if you have an idea for a topic:editorial@bündig.ch.

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