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February 23, 2022

Today I want to talk about something that is very important for me: food.

Snacks are very important to me because I am always on the move, and this is especially true when traveling. When traveling, snacks are essential for me, both when traveling by air (to save money and make sure you have vegan snacks on hand), and when in new cities and countries that may not be as vegan-friendly.


Vegan, nutritional (a stash of good stuff keeps you happy much longer than refined carbs from junk food), and travel-friendly makes for a great travel snack for me. I'm a big proponent of planning ahead for air travel, train trips, and even long car rides, but if you're not much of an amateur cook, I also offer some pre-made snacks. I'll also introduce you to Health Warrior's new protein bar with coconut, almond and unsweetened chocolate pumpkin, which has saved me from hunger twice on this trip. If I've forgotten any of your favorites, please let me know what your favorite travel-friendly snacks are!


1. Raw vegetables and fruits


These are one of my favorite alternatives because they are healthy, hydrated, nutritious, and usually don't need to be prepared or packaged. Obst beispielsweise wird häufig mit seiner eigenen Schale oder Verpackung geliefert, so dass man das ganze Stück in die Tasche stecken kann, um es frisch zu halten. Ich packe auch gerne Gemüse in meine Lunchbox und habe herausgefunden, dass Haricots verts (grüne Bohnen), Zuckererbsen und Karottenstifte zu den Gemüsesorten gehören, die sich am längsten halten.

2. Bliss balls

Bliss Balls, also known as Energy Balls or Power Balls, are a wonderful on-the-go snack because they are dense for their size. I like to prepare a serving and take them with me on vacation. This is because they keep for a long time and are very easy to transport! This is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth. With foods that fill you up and give you energy for your trip. I like to prepare Matcha Bliss Balls because the extra caffeine makes them a great pick-me-up for long days.


Sie können unsere veganen zuckerfreien Glückskugeln hier bestellen.


3. Protein bars


Protein and snack bars are popular travel snacks, but not all are created equal. For starters, not all bars are vegan. Many of them contain dairy byproducts like whey protein, which is harmful to both your stomach and the cows. But let's face it, when traveling, especially flying, you want to do something good for your body and still get enough nutrients and nutrition. So what are your options? In my day-to-day life, I eat protein bars with different types of added plant-based proteins without a problem. But when I travel, I try to eat bars without protein powder because my body can process them much better.


4. Cakes made from rice


Rice cakes are generally one of my favorite snacks, but especially when traveling because they can be served as a snack or as part of breakfast or small meals. They are also quite easy to transport, so if you pack a lot like I do, they don't add extra weight to your bag. Rice cakes come in all sorts of flavors, and you can change them up when traveling by adding toppings. My favorite is to take travel-sized nut butter with me and spread it on my rice cakes as soon as I hit the ground. I also like to add avocado and veggies as a savory alternative.


5.Dried fruits and nuts



The typical travel snack is nuts and dried fruits. Before a trip, I usually go to the bulk section of my local grocery store and stock up on nuts and fruits for my reusable produce bags. This reminds me of homemade trail mix! Dried fruits and nuts are easy to transport and don't need to be refrigerated, plus they have lots of calories. Almonds, cashews, dried cranberries, goji berries and dried mangoes are among my favorites. I recommend raw nuts (not roasted in oil or salted) and pure dried fruits without added sugar. If you have trouble digesting nuts, I recommend activated nuts, which are easier to digest.


What are your favorite vegan snacks for travel?

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