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February 03, 2022 1 Comment

If you are wondering how to organise an eco-friendly Valentine’s day, this is the place for you.

You can have a great celebration with your significant other AND be conscious about our environment.

eco-friendly Valentine's Day

It’s February - the month of love! And what better way to show our better halves how much we care, than organising a romantic event, that is both unforgettable and eco-friendly?

We’ve gathered some ideas on what the most romantic day of the year should look like through an environmentally conscious perspective. This is also a great way to adopt new healthy habits, which can then be added in your everyday life as well. Here is how to organise an eco-friendly Valentine’s day.

1. Dinner and a movie at home

dinner and a movie at home

We are all used to the classic dating cliche, but why not change it up a bit this year? Instead of making reservations for a fancy restaurant, bring the restaurant at home. If you wish to watch a movie, there are plenty of streaming services at your fingertips.

A cosy and intimate romantic dinner at home for just the two of you. Sounds much better than being stuck in traffic or queueing in front of a restaurant, doesn’t it?

2. The perfect gift

the perfect gift for an eco-friendly Valentine's Day

The perfect gift for an eco-friendly Valentine’s day doesn’t need to be something big and fancy. DIY crafts are something that is currently taking over the internet. It is also a more special girt, as it contains sentimental value as well.

If you wish to buy flowers, the best practice for an eco-friendly option is always a potted plant, which you can look after for a longer period of time.

3. Sustainable board games

sustainable board games for Valentine's Day

If you are a new couple that is just getting to know each other, or you just like tabletop games. There are many interesting games designed just for couples, that can make your evening fun and entertaining.

Naturally, board games are made with not so eco-friendly materials like plastic, but things are changing rapidly in that sector. Stay tuned for our article on sustainable board games and how to get them, which is coming soon.

4. Homemade dinner

Homemade dinner for Valentine's Day

As we already discussed, there is nothing more romantic than organising a cosy private Valentine’s day event for your significant other.

Of course, we need to make sure that the food we are consuming is healthy and delicious, so this is why we recommend that you find your own favourite cooking channel and follow their delicious tips and tricks.

Don’t forget to share it with us in the comment section and let us know which is your favourite recipe.

5. Don’t feel like cooking? We have the perfect desert for your romantic evening.

smart bites gift Valentine's Day

Every meal should have its perfect finish. Something sweet and also healthy. This is where we step in, so you can be prepared for that as well. Especially if you don’t feel like cooking that much and creating sweets is not your strong side :)

Introducing our gift mix bag, which you can include as a gift as well!

Each bag contains 15 power balls. You can try our best flavours, including apple cinnamon, dark chocolate, coconut and salty peanut.

Of course, our energy balls are vegan and have no added sugar, as they are naturally sweetened with dates.

Not only that they are delicious, but they also do good! With every back you purchase, you help us donate free meals to children in need!

And the best part is that we’re totally complying with this post’s eco-friendly team, as our packaging is 100% composable!

You can order your gift bag here!

Author: Martina Zlatkova

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February 15, 2022

Schöner Artikel! Schöne Idee für den Valentinstag

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