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1. What is Smart Bites?

Smart Bites is a Swiss vegan snack startup with a social purpose. Our goal is to produce and sell vegan snacks that not only taste good, but also do good. Depending on the product you purchase, we can provide two to three school breakfasts or food packages for a child in need in South America.

Thanks to the support of our customers, we are able to provide school breakfasts to approximately 80 children living in Campamento Dignidad in Santiago Chile.

2. What kind of people buy and eat Smart Bites?

Smart Bites are ideal for busy and active people who are looking for a plant-based snack without refined sugar as a substitute for other snacks on the market that contain refined sugar, dairy products and/or preservatives, etc.

Examples of our customers include people who go to the gym and eat our snacks as a pre- or post-workout snack, office workers who want a quick snack to keep them going, or busy parents who need an extra energy boost to get them through their snacks. Our snacks are also ideal for an afternoon cup of coffee or tea.

3. What do the donated school breakfasts for children consist of?

Together with our partner La Cocina Que Ayuda, we are able to provide meals to approximately 80 children in Chile each month. The planned breakfasts usually consist of milk, cereal and fruit.

Additionally, and depending on the occasion, we may help our partner with other meals and events such as lunch and dinner; however, our main goal is school breakfasts.

4. What is the shelf life of the Smart Bites?

They have a shelf life of up to 60 days. You can find the expiration date on the label of each package.

5. Are your products gluten-free?

While all of our ingredients are gluten-free, we work in a community kitchen where other startups make their foods like bread and cakes. Because of this, and even though our ingredients are naturally gluten-free, our products may contain trace amounts of gluten as particles can remain airborne for hours or even days.
If you are looking for gluten-free products for personal, non-medical reasons, Smart Bites is the place for you. However, if you suffer from celiac disease, it is best to consume only gluten-free certified products, which you can find at this link can find.

6. Do you offer discounted prices for stores or businesses/offices?

Yes, we have special pricing for stores and businesses. To inquire, please email us at hello@smartbites.ch.