janvier 29, 2021

Tell us about yourself, who is the person behind the camera?

  • I'm Obada, lebanese student at Zhaw doing my bachelor in Banking and Finance.

Can you tell us a little bit about your field of work?

  • I do photography as a side job, mainly in portraits (events, wedding, CV photos...). I like to capture my photos more spontaneously than posed and keep it as natural as possible.

What do you love most about life?

  • I enjoy doing sports, visiting new places that I haven't been at before and socializing with like minded people.

What three words would you say describe you?

  • Confident, outgoing, fast learner

What motivated you to collaborate with the Smart Bites project?

  • I like the idea of donating a part of the company's revenue for people in need and I would like to support that in the best way I could.

What is/are your favorite Smart Bites snack?

  • Peanut butter/ coconut

What are some ways for our community to learn more about your work and/or contact you?

  • You can always check my portfolio: Obada-bitar.com or Instagram: obada.bitar and on both platforms I'm reachable anytime.

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