mars 24, 2022

Tiny Houses Schweiz

To alleviate the need for housing in Swiss towns, Basel Land has suggested the construction of 100 small dwellings in Liestal.

In Switzerland, mini-houses are becoming increasingly trendy

The so-called "Tiny House" trend began in the United States, owing in part to the 2008 financial and real estate crisis. Several more people that lost their houses or employment went to modest mobile homes since they were less expensive, used fewer resources, and allowed the people to dwell near places where there has been work. Furthermore, unlike trailers, these tiny dwellings are constructed of "real" construction materials, providing a higher level of comfort.

Since then, the concept has moved to Europe, where shrinking, minimalism, and environmental consciousness are popular. Micro dwellings, which typically have less than 45 square metres of living area, are primarily self-sufficient and hence more environmentally and climate-friendly than traditional residences. They are not, however, a solution to urban sprawl because they take up more space per person than apartment blocks.

The Sitex Group property business intends to build the dwellings as a "pioneer town" in Switzerland, with prices starting at 200.000 Swiss francs. The notion of a "mini-home or small house" (a habitation of no more than 40 square metres), which originated in America, has gained on with younger generations who have struggled financially to buy a house.

The new proposal has also piqued the interest of the government, with the cantonal council and the city of Basel both approving the revised ideas. Katja Christ, the head of the council, urged that the project find a potential location within Basel Stadt rather than its existing position in Basel Land, which lies outside the main city.

The biggest challenge with Swiss small dwellings is bureaucracy.

While government authorities have supported the idea, Jonas Bischofberger, the chairman of the Klein Wohnformen organisation, stated that the biggest challenge that tiny-house investors encounter in Switzerland is that they "become trapped in the bureaucracy.

Text: Smart Bites

Editor: Martina Zlatkova

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