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April 06, 2021

Tell us about yourself, who is the person behind the camera ?

My name is Mariana Pinto. I am 22 years old and just a Venezuelan girl who was studying Fine arts with a specialization in photography in my country before I decided to leave it to improve my German and meet new cultures living in Europe.

Can you tell us a little bit about your field of work?

I work with conceptual photography and visual diary. With the first type I try to make the photos to talk by themselves about the idea I am working on, with what I want to express about certain topics. With the visual diary, sometimes I try to mix images of ordinary things/spaces/moments with writing, or by themselves too, trying to express my feelings and thoughts of what and how I am living.

What do you love most about life?

Those small things and moments that make me feel warm and alive.

What three words would you say describe you?

Introvert, overthinker, resilient.

What motivated you to collaborate with the Smart Bites project?

Apart from the idea of vegan and delicious healthy snacks, I like the fact that children in need are helped by each product sold; I wanted to support making the collaboration to help this start-up keep growing. 

What is/are your favorite Smart Bites snack?

Dark chocolate!

What are some ways for our community to learn more about your work and/or contact you?

You can find me on:

Instagram as @d_ellav.
Facebook as D'ellav Photography
Behance as dellav

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