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September 27, 2021

For a limited time, we have partnered with our friends of Koa to bring you Cocoa Fruit Flavored Energy Balls! 🎉

About Koa
Koa is a Swiss company which through innovative development, has redefined the perception of value creation in the cocoa value chain of rural West Africa.

By utilising the so far discarded cocoa pulp, Koa is able to increase farmer’s income and reduce food waste. Their technology is carbon neutral and solar-powered. Thanks to their decentral extraction, Koa can  work directly with more than 1,600 farmers. 

Their 100% traceable and modularly scalable operations enhance livelihood in rural communities significantly while carrying a delicious and exotic flavour into the world.
What does dried cocoa pulp look like and what does it look like?

Cocoa pulp has a golden, free-flowing appearance. The taste is similar to that of a tropical fruit with citrus notes.

Best of all, Cocoa Fruit Pulp is 100% vegan and contains no added sugar!

We invite you to try our new Koa Smart Bites and help us make an impact today!*

*Limited time offer, only available unitl October 31, 2021 or while supplies last

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